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Longboard Rental

Longboard / skateboard rental in Krakow:

BC24 shop - Bożego Ciała 24 street,

31-059 Krakow

In our shop we have also biggest skate rental/test center in Poland. It's great opportunity to cruise cheap in Krakow or just to test some complete before buying. We have longboards, cruisers, penny boards, surfskates and more.


1h = 5pln

24h = 30pln

48h = 50pln

If you are beginner - welcome! We will prepare you for city cruising;) Near our shop you can find some nice spots like Vistula river bike lanes. 

24h & 48h are great for longer trips or just testing if longboard can be useful in your daily life.

Opening hours::

pn - pt: 12-19

sb: 12-17

nd: closed

Remember: we rent longboards only when are good weather conditions. So if it's raining or wet - rental is out of service. Please also do not use our boards then - it's very easy to kill bearings because of water contact.

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